Gatherings ​an assembly or meeting, especially a social or festive one or one held for specific purpose.

At Gather we believe in nurturing connections, in warmly and genuinely greeting our customers, and in celebrating both the notable and the mundane moments of life. So we are opening our store for special ​Gatherings​ among family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, teachers, students, and club members. 

​Gatherings ~ Availability

​Monday - Thursday:  5PM to 9PM

Friday - Saturday:  7PM to 11PM

Sunday - 11AM to 4PM

*​Gatherings ​during regular business hours may be permitted for an additional fee.

​Gatherings Caterer

We are proud to partner with a longtime friend and one of the cities best chefs and restaurateurs to offer catering services for your ​Gatherings. ​Chef Chris Bonfili formerly of ​Avenue B ​and of ​B Gourmet​ is our preferred caterer.  Chef Chris will work closely with you to create a menu perfectly paired to your event.

​Connect with Us

If you would like to host a ​Gathering, please contact us at