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It's a 'burgh thing!

Pittsburgh only Artists

Pittsburghers are hardworking, honest, determined and proud. From being the backbone of the steel industry for years, to enduring and rising from its demise, Pittsburghers persevere. In "It's a 'burgh thing" we celebrate our local artisans and craftspeople who have helped turn this rust belt city into an edgy, food forward, sports crazy, art-friendly, environmentally leading community. Pittsburgh celebrates and supports local craftspeople and we are honored to have some of their work at Gather.

Gather 46 Red Home $169.00
Gather 45 Block with Cafe $163.00
Gather 44 Yellow Home & Car $157.00
Gather 43 Art Gallery $172.00
Gather 42 Incline $100.00
Gather 41 Incline $133.00
Gather 40 Incline $135.00
39 Incline $132.00