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We love burning candles to create a mood. Thinking cozy on a cold winter's night? Try the" Fireside" candle.  Maybe your hosting a brunch? Then the warm scent of "Welcome Home" or the clean scent of "French Thyme" would be the perfect match. Soaking in a bubble bath after a grueling day? "Eucalytpus Lavender" is just what you need to clear your mind and refresh your soul. So choose a candle for every event and make your mood a good one!

Ella B. Candles Sewickley Pa Candle $29.95
Himalayan Large Wood Candle Tray $90.00
Milkhouse Candles Milkhouse Butter Jar (22 oz) $25.50
Milkhouse Candles Milkhouse 8oz bottle candle $15.50